Adventure By BIke – Part 2


Trans South Dakota Bikepacking Expedition 2017 is a 740 mile adventure on gravel, dirt, ATV trails, and pavement that serpentines across the state of South Dakota. There are segments that go 100 miles without public access to food and water.

I began my adventure on July 15th in Beulah, WY along with 9 other riders. I decided to stop my journey at Pierre, SD after being baked and dried by 100 degree temperatures. I concluded the expedition with a 4.5 mile packrafting excursion down the Missouri River from Fort Pierre to Pierre on July 21st.

On Monday, September 18th, I’ll dip my tire into the Missouri River at Pierre to begin Part 2 of my Trans South Dakota adventure. My expectations are for the temperatures to be significantly cooler, my gear to be significantly less, and my body and mind to be ready for a grand, fall endeavor that will conclude in North Sioux City, South Dakota.

You can follow my trip online in two ways:

Click on this link:   Trackleaders was the “go to” page for the July start. They were kind and generous enough to place the event back on their roster for me. I’ll be the only “bubble” moving along the route. My initials will be in the bubble. If you want more details about my speed, distance, etc. you can get that by clicking on “Tim Bauer Restart” on the right hand side of the page.

Click on this link:  SPOT Tracker and you’ll get my foot print as I traverse South Dakota. The map will not be as detailed as Trackleaders not will it show the route in front of me. However, it’s a quick, useful resource.

Following the completion of this adventure, my plans are to write a detailed report including both segments. There will be numerous pictures, personal perspectives, and great stories about people I met along the way.


Finally, a HUGE thank you to my wife (Brenda) for her support in both of these endeavors. Also, Joe + Tina Stiller who not only set-up, hosted, and cared for those who have tried this expedition, but for their on-going encouragement and hospitality. The pictures on this post are from the  photo display on: Trans South Dakota 



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