Adventure By Bike

The words of the title for the post are the tagline for Salsa bicycles. The words are emblazoned on the frame of my Salsa Fargo. This bike was purchased more than 5 years ago from Paramount Sports in Fargo, ND. The Fargo (the bike isn’t as quirky as the town!) has been a reliable and fun machine to traverse many miles of gravel and trail. I have met many people while journeying on this two-wheeled mode of transportation in numerous regions of the upper midwest.

When I purchased the Fargo, I had some dreams of riding it great distances. At that time my life was a bit more structured, yet in other ways less chaotic. Over the years I have completed many long rides of 65-105 miles at gravel grinder events that are a day in length. Now I embark on a journey that was part of my rational for purchasing this bike.

Later today, I drive to Sioux Falls, SD. Early on Friday, other participants of the Trans South Dakota Bikepacking Expedition and myself load our bikes and gear onto trailers and make the Interstate 90 journey to Beulah, WY. Saturday morning (7am MDT) the journey of 720 +/- miles across South Dakota begins. Each participant has 14 days to make the trek to North Sioux City, SD. There are checkpoints along the way. Each participant chooses how many miles they peddle each day and how they choose to rest and rejuvenate. My goal is to complete this vacation in 10-12 days.

If you wish to follow my progress (or lack thereof) you can do so at Trackleaders. The map of the route and my initialed (TB) bubble will be visible along with further information about my journey. The site is easy to navigate.

I want to thank Paramount Sports for all of there assistance over the years in keeping my bike in fine riding condition. All of their staff have been supportive, as well as patient with this dream of mine. I’ll never be a bike mechanic, but they have been patient in teaching me a few things that I hope not to use over the next 2 weeks.  A special pat on the back to Chris and Sean for all you have meant to me in this process. When I return I’ll get you some real beer instead of Hamm’s.

I’m ready to Adventure by Bike!