Actif Epica – Round Two

Last year I traveled with my fat bike to St Malo attempting a 125km ride on the Manitoba prairies finishing at The Forks in Winnipeg. You can read about that initial attempt.

On Saturday, February 13th the journey resumes to complete the 125km route, this time on foot. The event is called Actif Epica. It is a well organized and brutally beautiful venture across the prairies of southern Manitoba  I figure that after completing 80 miles at Tuscobia Winter Ultra in January, my endurance should get me 125km.

This year I travel with my riding companion, Ryan. He’ll be going for a new option in 2016: 160km on his 9zero7 fat bike. Ryan has been training diligently this winter. He is discovering how complex and changeable winter biking can be. As a determined, “never say enough” rider, I’m certain that he’ll get his inaugural winter ultra completed and discover great things.

Beginning point in St Malo. Appropriately a hockey arena.
Beginning point in St Malo. Appropriately a hockey arena. My Pugsley is under the sign.

As for Tuscobia, I’ll once again be using Rick’s SPOT tracking device. If you want to follow my progress or lack thereof click on this link:  Tim’s Actif Epica Progress    The event for those on foot begins at 7am, Saturday 13th. The device is set to send a signal every 30 minutes. Thus there won’t be much to see until 8am.

25 hours is the allotted time for runner’s/trekker’s completion. I will continue, as will the tracking device until I finish at The Forks in downtown Winnipeg. Even if the finish line and event organizers are gone, my plans are to meet Ryan at The Forks. Although with Ryan having an extra set of keys to my vehicle, I may have to see if an Uber will take me home.