Minimization & Me


 Holiday Potted Tree on Deck
Minimal Holiday Potted Tree on Deck

Years ago as I enjoyed the mentoring and companionship of Steve Wagner, the minimalist trend was gaining traction in running shoes. I commented more than once about my desire to minimize my life. Encompassing more than shoes, my desire was to focus on areas of vocation and leisure while minimizing the material “stuff” that was lurking in plastic storage containers.

As I reflect on 2015 and project into 2016, minimization looms large. Its size is like an elephant in the condo. The footprint of “stuff” may have grown slightly, but unquestionably hasn’t decreased. All of this bogs me down emotionally, spiritually, and relationally. I look around and the scene is scattered and unused piles of debilitating debris.

Empty containers, but more need to be emptied.
Empty containers, but more need to be emptied.

All of this also causes me to ponder: Do minimalist runners have multiple pairs of shoes? Why does accumulating cost less overall than getting rid of the stuff? Is freedom more of an internal factor than external?

As I live, work, train, and enjoy the events of life I continue to work on minimization. In the words of Yoda, “Do or do not, there is no try.” I will increase my minimization one day at a time.