Woodchipper 100 Two

In a previous post (Goldilocks Days), I mentioned the Woodchipper 100 gravel bicycle ride that was scheduled for Saturday, October 5th. Due to weather predictions it was postponed until Sunday, October 6th. It began at 9am on a grey, damp, patchy fog morning. However, the day transformed into a sunny, beautiful, mild, and gusty wind day.

Emblem for 1st and Last Place Finisher

What I found to be most impressive about the day was the determination of the final finisher, Mark Miller. Mark and his riding partner Grant Mehring completed the miles in 11 hours and 36 minutes. Grant came into Viking Park before Mark. In asking Mark what were the highs and lows of the ride he responded, “The highs were the many beautiful tress, hills, and landscapes. The scenery was marvelous. The low was the last sandy, wet minimum maintenance road (2 miles long) shortly before the end.” This was Mark’s first attempt at a 100 mile gravel ride. His determination and willingness to contend with the highs and lows of the journey was met with a sense of accomplishment and inner peace intertwined with exhaustion at his return.

For more about The Woodchipper 100 (second year), I invite you to go to facebook and search for: The Woodchipper 100 Two. There you will find numerous pictures of the event. Also, you can read the report of the 1st place finisher, John Peter at his blog: www.pedalintotheunknown.blogspot.com  Search for: “Woodchipper 100…the one that made me cry”. You can also go to: www.woodchipperride.areavoices.com for more information.

I also want to say “THANKS” to the Moorhead, MN, Starbucks coffee for their generous donation of coffee and cups. The hot, caffinated, black gold kept a number of bikers warm and energized. Many thanks to the Anderson family for their willingness to allow us to use Viking Park. This made for a great gathering and return location. It’s truly a hidden treasure in the Rollag hills. Also, without the work of Zach Johnson and John Struchynski this event would never occur.