Running In The Buff

One way to make progress in my fitness and to proceed toward my goal of becoming one of the “Frozen Few” (see post from October 5,2013) in January 2014, is to run in one of my favorite places. Buffalo River State Park which is located a few miles east of Glyndon, MN on Highway 10 is that spot. Yesterday morning I headed out for a grand reunion. It had been many weeks since I enjoyed the scenery, the wildlife, and the serenity that I enjoy at this little oasis of a park.

It was shortly after 7am when I pulled into the parking lot at the MSUM Regional Science Center. I noticed the stiff southerly breeze which allowed for the 60 degree temperature. After a few minutes of getting my gear together I headed west into the tall grass prairie. Within minutes two large, white-tailed deer bolted out of the grass. One went away from me while the other bounded across the trail about 20 yards ahead. I was amazed by the grace and beauty of this large deer. It’s muscular frame glided effortlessly over the landscape.

Shortly thereafter I came to the main area of the park. This seems to be a usual stop for me as the outhouses call my name. For those who run with me this is an expected part of any training session. These brown framed beauties are given a 5-Star rating in my book. They are always clean, fresh, and adequately supplied with the necessities of an outhouse. My gratitude is expressed to whoever keeps these in pristine condition!

Then it was onto the open prairie and into the wind. As I came out of the tree lined river  trail, three white-tailed deer ran in front of me. These weren’t as large as the previous two deer, but none the less impressive in their carefree journey through the tall grass. A couple of puddles soaked my socks and shoes, but reminded me of the reality of running on the prairie with its surprises. This was interspersed with small song birds, honking geese, and the raw, powerful din of BNSF locomotives. All in all, it was an invigorating run of almost two hours.

The trail provides my heart and my spirit immense pleasure.  It was good to run in the Buff and reacquaint myself with the reason I want to do this for years to come.