Going Pro

One of my closest friends, Steve, is in the publishing media. He has encouraged me to blog for many months. Now that the blog is reality his main advice is, “I would say that you should be consistent.”  Being consistent is a tall order for me. Consistency not in thoughts, beliefs, and openness, but in doing.

I knew for many months that my heart and spirit were not engaged in my previous place of employment. I leisurely looked for employment options, but never consistently. I would have spurts of energy, but then fall into the doldrums. Thus when a choice needed to be made in January 2013, I was caught a bit off guard and not prepared to the extent that I should have been prepared.

About 6.5 years ago I began an adventure to lose weight, get healthier, and see where this adventure would lead me. There was the added incentive of making money being a part of a reasearch/drug study. All of this motivated me to begin running. At first a 5K was a major accomplishment. Before I reached the age of 55, I wanted to run a 50 mile trail event. It was accomplished. However, after suffering a stress fracture and switching into other endurance events (100+ mile gravel road bike events, as well as winter biking) my running endurance suffered. Add to this the doldrums of body and spirit at work and my motivation to run and generally to be prepared, dropped off.

As you can see by the posting date, it has taken me almost a week to get another post onto the blog. I have plenty of reasons or excuses, but as a wise farmer once told me, “Excuses only satisfy the one who makes them.” Thus the title, I’m still in the mode of pro-crastination.  My intentions are good, but intentions don’t make things happen. I cannot have the endurance to face the challenges of life nor the miles of gravel roads and trails by having good intentions.

Last night, Steve and I braved the strong, buffeting north winds, along with mixed precipitation to log about 10 miles of running. For me this is the beginning of going pro in the forms of pro-gress, being pro-active, and pro-ceeding forward.

What’s ahead for events?  On Saturday, October 19, I’ll be participating in the Dirt Bag Ride  ( www.dirtbagride.blogspot.com ) that begins in Clearwater,MN. This will be my second year in this event.  My next running event is the Frozen Otter Ultra Trek in eastern Wisconsin. This January 2014 event takes place on the Ice Age Trail and consists of 64 miles of foot travel with a cut-off time of 24 hours. If you make this cut-off you become one of the “Frozen Few”.  The picture at the beginning of my blog is from my first Frozen Otter, two years ago. I’m the one on the right. I signed up and made the half distance of 32 miles.  No time for pro-crastination. I need to be focused on pro-ceeding with my training.

Life needs to be met head-on with proper preparation. Going pro has many dimentions.