Finally Started

The idea to share some of my life and insights about life has been brewing since a major job and life change in mid-January 2013. However, as is true for many things in my life what is important gets pushed aside for that which seems urgent. Or to quote Stephen Covey of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” too often we get caught in the thick of thin things.”

My plans are to share my insights about life, my joys and struggles as a human being, and my leisure or sanity activities as an endurance runner and gravel road and winter biker.

Currently I’m involved with two other men to coordinate the Woodchipper 100 gravel road bike event. It’s a beautiful adventure through the hills, trees, lakes, and less traveled roads of Rollag, Pelican Rapids, and Vergas, MN. My role involves the food, drink, and hospitality part of the ride. If you want more information about this event there is a Facebook event entitled The Woodchipper 100 Two. Yes, the second year of this free and special event.

I hope you will keep reading as I share my thoughts and insights in the experiement of living a day at a time.